Hate and Propaganda in Kosovo Media

This research aims to create a better understanding of disinformation and hateful propaganda models of media and communication in Kosovo’s media landscape.

As Kosovo has a unique media model that allows very little room for propaganda and hate speech in its media, this paper explores content in media and social media and how such content triggers hate commentary, propaganda and inappropriate rivalry on social media. It focuses on several mainstream media and a few handpicked Facebook groups and explains some of the significant irregularities.

This publication was produced within project Resilience: Civil Society for Media Free of Hate and Disinformation, run by South East European Network for Professionalization of Media (SEENPM).

Publication is available in English and Albanian.

Download Hate and Propaganda in Kosovo Media
Download PEISAZHI I MEDIAVE NË KOSOVË: Ndikimet e urrejtjes dhe të propagandës