Reporting Diversity E-course

If you are interested in reporting diversity, this e-course is for you!
Our goal is to provide you with some of the most important information, examples and tips and
tricks on how to report on some of the most important issues when it comes to diversity
Topics that are covered by this e-course are:

(In)Visible in Media: which minority groups, issues and topics are visible in media, and
which are not and how to ensure that media represent all groups and promotes diversity. This includes practical advice on how to enhance public debate about diversity and how to create ethical and high-quality content;

Ethical Reporting on Gender and Gender-Based Violence: how gender identities are represented in media, how to avoid stereotypes and ensure unbiased reporting, with special emphasis on gender based violence;

Ethical Reporting on Ethnicity and Religion : should ethnicity and religion be reported
separately and how, how to report about religion and ethnicity and avoid making it a
point of divergence in multiethnic and multireligious societies;

Ethical Reporting on Persons with Disabilities: how to report on mental health and disabilities;

Harmful and Hateful Speech: how to prevent harmful speech in media and especially in the online environment.

This e-course consists of multimedia content and practical examples, together with quiz that will help you test your level of understanding of these issues.

At the end of the course, you also have a learning game that will help you challenge you
decision-making in this field.

It takes roughly less than two working days to complete the course, and you can do so
from your home, from your workplace or any other place convenient for you. You can do it
in your own time and when you get tired you can pause and continue later.

Upon completing the Reporting Diversity e-course, you will receive an online certificate issued by the Media Diversity Institute.

If you are a journalist, young professional in the media field, a journalism student, citizen
journalist, blogger, vlogger, human rights activist, then this e-course is for you.

Reporting Diversity e-course is designed by professor Lejla Turčilo, from the University of Sarajevo, and professor Vuk Vučetic, from the University of East Sarajevo.

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