February 21, 2024

Podgorica, Montenegro; 13-16 February 2024 

Reporting Diversity Network organised a three-day Reporting Diversity training for CSOs, grassroots activists, and human rights defenders in Podgorica, Montenegro. The training took place between 13-16 February 2024 and gathered 34 participants from across the Western Balkans. 

The participants gained skills that will help them recognise hate speech and divisive narratives and be able to counter them.  

The three-day workshop focused on two sets of skills: implementing media campaigns to provide alternative narratives and more positive discourse about the diversity of our societies and advocacy campaigns. 

During the first session of the first day, Ivana Jelača, Executive Director of Media Diversity Institute Western Balkans, introduced the participants to hateful and harmful narratives in the Western Balkans.  

Experienced and well-informed trainers Nikola Ristić and Vladimir Pavlović delivered useful and practical skills and knowledge on media and advocacy campaigns and how to use them to achieve social changes. 

Continuing in the working spirit of the training, RDN organised a two-day conference on hateful and harmful narratives in the Western Balkans where the Network presented preliminary results of the media monitoring reports, that will be published in March.